How Do You Fit Smart Nutrition Into Your Day?


Nutrition is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle.  Fueling our bodies with a balanced diet of good, wholesome, food that’s rich with vitamins and minerals should be simple, considering the availability of fresh produce and protein options at local farmer’s markets and grocery stores.


It should be simple, but often it’s not.  Sometimes the sheer quantity of choices and information available can be overwhelming.  We get it—it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and easiest to choose what’s familiar, quick, cheap and perhaps the most eye appealing.


The great news is, nutrition can fit into your busy lifestyle.  And when you find ways to make it fit, you’ll start noticing other things come together—your workouts, your energy levels and your overall wellbeing.  Cal Fit is partnering with nutritional therapist Stacey Maedge to bring you #NutritionFits - a weekly series of videos all geared to helping you make small, manageable improvements in your approach to the way you fuel your body. 


Maybe you are already confident in how to keep your body running with optimum fuel, and that’s fantastic! 


We welcome you to participate in #NutritionFits by sharing what works for you, and hope you’ll enjoy the opportunity to get some new tricks and recipes, too.


Not only will Stacey offer tips, recipes, and encouragement during #NutritionFits videos, but we’ll have ways to earn fun prizes along the way!



Click to watch Cal-Fit's first video, where Stacey will tell you more about how nutrition fits into any bust lifestyle.