How to Find Time for Exercise

blog-post_tabataDo you struggle to find time for exercise? You're not alone! Busy-ness has become a syndrome in our world and we're working more, and relaxing and exercising less, leaving us feeling exhausted and dissatisfied. If you are trying to find time for exercise, these simple tips will make it easier to fit some physical activity into your busy day. It really is all about focusing, and carving out time for yourself.

Walk more, drive less - One great way to find time for exercise is by leaving the car at home. Whether it is a trip to the store or work, if you can get there on foot or by bike, you already have your workout in! Literally 'run' your errands if the dry cleaners, post office or bank are nearby or hop on your bike and save the planet while you burn some calories! Or, if you live in a big city and take public transportation to work, get off the bus or train a few stops earlier, and walk the extra blocks. Parking farther away from the entrance to the store is another way to sneak in a few extra steps.

Early Bird catches the worm - If your day is completely packed, and you just cannot seem to find time to exercise, setting your alarm for half an hour to an hour earlier might be the solution. Even if you are not a morning person, working in a light yoga session, a weight training workout or even a morning jog might be the answer. The rest of your day will not be impacted, except for the fact that you will have more energy and might even feel better because you know you did something good for yourself!

Make it a family affair - If you are a parent, and feel like you cannot sneak away when the kids are home, why not take them with you? Our Kidz Klub is the perfect child friendly zone where little ones can burn off energy while you burn off the calories! Or if you’re looking for ways to get fit as a family, try a Family Yoga or Zumba class - it’s a win/win for everyone!

1 yoga session to go please - If you have an hour for lunch, this is a great way to ease in some exercise. Go for a walk, do some yoga, or even bring some light weights or a stability ball to work with you. Sneak in some bicep curls, some squats, or sit on the stability ball all day and really work your core!

Drop and give ‘em 20 - Finally, make watching television a chance to exercise! No more fast forwarding through commercials, make those breaks count! When commercials come on, drop down and squeeze in a set of pushups for one commercial, then a set for your abdominals, then perhaps lunges or squats. Mix it up for every commercial break and see how you feel at the end of that hour show.

While we are all busy people, it really is possible to find time for exercise. Just focus, and prioritize that “me” time!

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