How to Make a Family Fitness Plan

family_fitness_planblog-thumb_160x100_familyfitplanThe family that plays together stays together, and is probably healthier and happier because of it. That’s why so many families these days are putting together a plan to get off the couch, start eating healthy, and get fit. Here’s how to put together a family fitness plan for you and your loved ones:

Tour and join a family friendly local gym

Find a family friendly gym that has a lot to offer for the whole family and check it out online together. Take some time going through all the different sections of the website that offer fun and fitness for different members of the family and let them each get excited. Look at all the fun it has to offer, then tour the gym as a family and join. Take advantage of complimentary personal training sessions, the kids club, and special activities. Make the gym your home away from home, and find what your family enjoys doing the most.

Make mealtimes fun with healthy new clean eating adventures

Sit down together and explain to your family that in order to enjoy all the exciting physical activities your new gym has to offer, you’ll all have to be properly fueled with clean food, such as lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats. Find some fun clean recipes and try them together. Decide which ones you like, and keep experimenting until you have new staples that satisfy even your pickiest eaters. Eating clean is delicious!

Find sports the whole family can enjoy

Use your time at the gym and your newfound healthy eating to build strong muscles and loads of new energy for great adventures as a family. Try sports and activities the whole family can enjoy together, such as swimming, rock climbing, and family yoga. Even very young children can take part in these activities, so everyone gets to have a great time.

When the whole family gets involved in fitness, there is more support from every angle, and the plan tends to stick. It may start with mom or dad, but the more fun the kids have, the more supportive they will be, and the easier it is for the whole family to make lifelong changes. Make it fun to build a fit family for life!

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