I am Group Fit Winners Announced

Congratulations to all of our members who have gotten a jump-start on their fitness goals by participating in our fun and challenging I Am Group Fit program! Participants earned points and badges via the Cal Fit app by attending Group Fitness classes between April 17th – May 29th.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

$1,000 Grand Prize Winner

  • Elk Grove member, Jesus G. (pictured)


Apple Watch (pictured below, clockwise from top left)

  • Arden member, Joe P.
  • Elk Grove member, Amelia M.
  • Orangevale member, Meg H.
  • Roseville member, Chris S.

IAGF_Joe P.jpg   IAGF_Amelia M.jpg

IAGF_Chris S.jpg   IAGF_Meg H.jpg

 $180 Membership Credit

  • Arden member, Marjorie M.
  • Natomas member, Carolyn S.
  • Natomas member, Siam M.
  • Pocket member, Jennifer L.
  • Sunrise member, Melissa G.

 $120 Membership Credit

  • Arden member, Barbara R.
  • Carmichael member, Susan P.
  • Citrus Heights member, Karen D.
  • Elk Grove member, Maria U.
  • Folsom member, Jessica S.
  • Howe member, Suzanne I.
  • Laguna member, Linda D.
  • McClellan member, Linda J.
  • Natomas member, Shawna W.
  • Sunrise member, Barbara S.
  • Sunrise member, Janet S.

$60 Membership Credit

  • Citrus Heights member, Bonnie P.
  • Downtown member, Phyllis J.
  • Elk Grove member, Gina G.
  • Elk Grove member, Rochelle V.
  • Folsom member, Monette G.
  • Greenhaven member, Angela C.
  • Greenhaven member, Donna F.
  • Laguna member, Azita R.
  • Laguna member, Bonnie C.
  • Midtown member, Bert C.
  • Midtown member, Latha T.
  • Natomas member, Frances W.
  • Natomas member, Galina C.
  • Orangevale member, Gayathri G.
  • Orangevale member, Katherine K.
  • Rocklin member, Kathryne S.
  • Roseville member, Valerie S.
  • Sports Complex member, John M.
  • Sunrise member, Tramella C.

3 PT Express Sessions

  • Citrus Heights member, Angela K.
  • Citrus Heights member, Jarret H.
  • Citrus Heights member, Kathy M.
  • Downtown member, Diane A.
  • Downtown member, Heidi M.
  • Elk Grove member, Natalie M.
  • Laguna member, Sheli D.
  • McClellan member, Rochelle T.
  • Natomas member, Gretta W.
  • Pocket member, Ana E.

1 Month of Free Body Fit

  • Arden member, Kathleen L.
  • Arden member, Makenzi P.
  • Arden member, Paul S.
  • Carmichael member, Rhonda S.
  • Carmichael member, Rosa V.
  • Carmichael member, Shuhua D.
  • Citrus Heights member, Julie S.
  • Downtown member, Ana O.
  • Elk Grove member, Jani B.
  • Elk Grove member, Lynda M.
  • Folsom member, Lisa M.
  • Folsom member, Vamsee V.
  • Howe member, Brian C.
  • Howe member, Samantha B.
  • Laguna member, Brenda B.
  • Orangevale member, Barbara E.
  • Pocket member, Diane S.
  • Rocklin member, Sean S.
  • Sports Complex member, Judy S.
  • Sports Complex member, Val H.
  • Sunrise member, Carla N.
  • Sunrise member, Kristina S.

2,000 Cal Fit Reward Points

  • Arden member, Joanne U.
  • Carmichael member, Noriko M.
  • Citrus Heights member, Carl K.
  • Elk Grove member, Evette W.
  • Elk Grove member, Linh V.
  • Elk Grove member, Norma O.
  • Greenhaven member, Adel V.
  • Greenhaven member, Debra G.
  • Howe member, Marianne M.
  • Laguna member,  Stella S.
  • Madison member, Melanie L.
  • McClellan member, Cecilia B.
  • Midtown member, Berta R.
  • Midtown member, Carol F.
  • Natomas member, Sandeep S.
  • Orangevale member, Tim S.
  • Roseville member, David L.
  • Rocklin member, Elena R.
  • Rocklin member, Mary Jo T.
  • Sports Complex member, Cindy G.

4 Sacramento Republic FC Tickets

  • Arden member, Virginia B.
  • Citrus Heights member, Amanda B.
  • Downtown member, Bo L.
  • Downtown member, Jessie S.
  • Downtown member, Nicole K.
  • Elk Grove member, Johan J.
  • Elk Grove member, Joy B.
  • Elk Grove member, Nikki A.
  • Greenhaven member, Harriet K.
  • Greenhaven member, Lawrence L.
  • Laguna member, Amanda S.
  • Madison member, Brian K.
  • Madison member, Tina C.
  • McClellan member, Lorelei Y.
  • Natomas member, Daniel C.
  • Orangevale member, Solace R.
  • Pocket member, Kelley K.
  • Pocket member, Louise F.
  • Rocklin member, Hiroko E.
  • Rocklin member, Jarrod M.
  • Roseville member, Dennis M.
  • Roseville member, Yvonne R.
  • Sports Complex member, Mike D.
  • Sports Complex member, Stephen Y.
  • Sunrise member, Amy K.

4 California State Fair Tickets (includes parking passes & carnival rides)

  • Citrus Heights member, Marci H.
  • Downtown member, Gerald C.
  • Laguna member, Paula O.
  • Madison member, Lance C.
  • Orangevale member, Minnie G.