Jumpstart your brain while you boost your body

The pandemic changed a lot of things for many people. But one thing remained constant – the need for exercise – and not just for our bodies but for our minds as well. Aside from physical wellness, there are many other important benefits to exercise – such as finding happiness, courage and connection.


Boost your mood

First, finding the form of exercise that makes YOU happy is important. It doesn’t matter what other people choose to do. This is for you, so make it count! Once you find what you enjoy, it is easier to make it a habit. If exercise feels like a chore, keep looking for a form of exercise that you look forward to. Similar to the “runner’s high” you hear about so often, the endorphins that kick in will boost your mood.



Develop courage

You might accomplish climbing that big hill or conquer that long trail. Physical accomplishments change how you think about yourself and what you are capable of doing.

You will also start to notice physical changes and you will be encouraged to make healthier choices, which again, takes courage, and will lead to an improved confidence.



Connect with others

In everyday life, we carry burdens, reach out for help and lift one another up. You will find that in the fitness community as well. Whether in person or online, instructors provide motivation and encouragement.

If you attend classes or walk in your neighborhood, you start seeing the same people and naturally form a community. You can also hire a personal trainer who not only holds you accountable, but gets to know you and forms a bond.



Get moving

The most important thing is to get moving. The effects of exercise on our psychological and social well-being are many. No doubt you’ll feel better, be happier and have better social relationships because of it.