Love Your Body, Everybody

The fitness journey is just that: a journey. It’s ongoing and requires a lot of hard work throughout each stride and phase of your own, unique journey. Fitness success looks different from person to person, but one thing that does connect to everyone is that success is built on a foundation of loving yourself, your body and the entire fitness journey as a whole.

A study conducted by an instructor of psychiatry at Harvard University shows that 75 perfect of American women between the ages of 25 – 45 report disordered eating and body image dissatisfaction. 75 percent – that’s three out of four women who are unhappy with their own bodies.

Let’s create a movement of change, shall we. A movement to love yourself, to love every inch of your beautiful, strong, unique body to better reach your health and fitness goals, and to live a happier more fulfilled life.

For some it may take some extra effort to learn to love your body, creating a positive body image that is well deserved and real.

  1. Don’t let others determine how your feel about yourself.
  2. Don’t let the number on the scale or your clothing size define you.
  3. Be kind to yourself every time you look in the mirror.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others – you are you.
  5. Enjoy your body and its strength now, don’t wait for the seemingly “ideal body.”
  6. Reduce your time on social media watching others’ highlight reels, and unfollow those who make you feel negative about yourself.
  7. Likewise, appreciate and follow others who inspire and positively motivate you.
  8. Dress for the body you have now, not the one you hope to have one day.
  9. Realize that you will be you, no matter what your body looks like.
  10. Are you healthy and staying active? That’s really all that matters.
  11. Every body is unique and special to each person. Embrace yourself.
  12. Love your body, flaws and all.
  13. Do things that inspire you, shoot for the stars and work hard. 

Follow these tips to learn to love your body and with the newfound love and appreciation, you’ll be in a much better space to pursue and accomplish your goals throughout your fitness journey. 

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