Meet Alice: Cal Fit Model Member of January

16034_BLG_Meet_Alice_Cal_Fit_Member_JAN_THUMBMeet Alice Nicolai – California Family Fitness model member of the month, and one of our talented, sculpted and inspiring Cal Fit billboard campaign models. A faithful member since 2001, Alice says: “There is so much that Cal Fit has to offer every member in terms of equipment, machines, cardio, classes, court sports, the pool … there’s literally something for everyone!” She adds that when her children were younger, the childcare was great to have, as well.

Today Alice consistently works out, enjoys testing out new classes and is always looking to challenge herself when it comes to fitness. “I love the spin classes and kickboxing, as well,” she says. “Zumba has always been a favorite, as I love to dance.” Alice is also a long-time yogi practicing yoga for nearly 14 years and has taught Bikram yoga part-time for the last nine years.

But her fitness journey started many years ago when she was only 12 years old. She remembers going to an all-women’s club with her grandmother where she would enjoy the machine exercises, sitting in the Jacuzzi and sauna, and partake in aerobics classes. As she grew older, she joined a gym herself and really fell in love with the machines and other classes offered.

Alice was then introduced to more serious weight training in college and noticed her body responded to it. She competed in a bodybuilding expo for fun, marking her first time up on a stage. She continued to workout with heavy weights during college and graduate school until she later on moved more into swimming and yoga where she had hoped to lean her body out from all the years of bodybuilding exercises. 

She sure succeeded. Later on she went back to her first love of weights, but in moderation and found herself again competing – this time in a fitness competition where she placed within the top three and won her “pro card” at age 44 years old. She then retired from competitions after completing one more the following year.

“Fitness, working out and exercise will always be a part of my life,” Alice says. “I am a registered dietitian, so eating healthy has also been a focus for me. Being in my late 40s, I think it really helps to stay active and eat well to be able to age as well as possible, along with disease prevention … I’m really big on that.” 

Alice doesn’t allow herself to get into a “rut.” She does so by continuously challenging herself and trying new workouts – a great fitness tip for any and everybody to stay inspired and active throughout your entire fitness journey. 

“I am honored to be a part of this California Family Fitness campaign,” she says. Her son Dominick was also a part of the last campaign and feels it’s a special bond the two of them share.

“Cal Fit is a great place for the whole family to belong. There is something for everyone here,” she says. “… There’s a reason Cal Fit has received the ‘best of Sacramento’ in the gym and fitness club category – come see for yourself!”

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