Meet Bob, Cal Fit Model Member of August

2015_08_04_Bob_smA major injury or surgery can be a life altering event. For some, it could derail an existing workout routine, for others it could make getting into shape nearly impossible. For Bob, however, a knee replacement surgery was the catalyst that propelled him into the best shape of his life.

A year and a half ago, Bob had a complete replacement surgery on his left knee.“After all of the years of sports and work, the knee just fell apart,” says the 59 year-old contractor. His doctor recommended Bob lose a few pounds and get into shape to increase the chance of a successful recover after the surgery.

“I got online and did a lot of research on this knee replacement surgery,” Bob admits. “What I found was so many people talking about getting negative results because they didn’t do the work.” By the time Bob made it out of surgery and into physical therapy, he was already ahead of the curve. He had worked so hard to get into good shape before his knee replacement, the actual rehab process was, he admits, a “piece of cake. I had been doing so much more in the gym on my own to build up a range of motion and the muscles around my knee.”

Bob credits his personal trainer, Justin, with helping to fill in the holes in his workout routine right after his surgery. Justin helped Bob to correct his posture, showed him what muscle groups were being neglected, and how to get his body back in line.

While his surgery pushed Bob towards better shape and regular workouts, it is a personal passion that continues to drive him to take care of his body.

Bob races motocross, and his passion for the physical and mental challenge of riding dirt bikes guides his workout goals. “I love riding my motorcycle in the dirt,” Bob beams. “But I can only do that on the weekends. Anything I can do to cross train and ride my motorcycle better, that gets me to the gym.”

Cross training for Bob means regular bodyweight exercises at the gym. “I’m kind of a fixture at the Orangevale location,” he laughs. “I like to do TRX or some other kind of body weight exercise. What I like about TRX is that it really works the core. With bodyweight exercises, you’re basically using a lot of muscle groups at once. You need your core to help with stability while you use the straps. My core is my foundation that helps when I am riding my bike, so that’s very important to me.”

“Your core is the keystone, it’s your foundation. Core work fixes everything in your life; helps your posture, helps in any sports you do, helps you at work. Even if you just sit at your desk all day.”

Bob knows the secret to good fitness is making his workouts a priority. “The hardest part of working out is getting to the gym. The workout is the easy part. In the beginning, when you first start working out and seeing results, it is easy stay motivated. I make sure to dedicate a certain block of time each day to working out. You have to schedule it.”

At 59, Bob admits that his workouts are only half the battle. “What a lot of people my age don't realize is a lot of it is your workout, but a lot of it is also your diet.” A high-protein, clean diet helps keep him in tip-top, motocross riding shape. Bob is a big advocate for cutting out the junk food, eating clean, and listening to your body. “Nine times out of ten, your body will tell you what you are missing. Sometimes I crave a steak. Sometimes I crave a salad.” Bob allows himself one day a week to indulge in whatever he wants, but the rest of the time he practices moderation, balance, and avoids processed foods.

“I look at my peers, and they are trying anything they can to get excess weight off of their dirtbikes, but they could just go to the gym and take some weight off themselves to get the same results with the sport. As long as I keep up my fitness and stay on my motorcycle I am good to go.”

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