Meet Gina: Cal Fit Model Member of December

Motivating and inspiring others to be reach their personal best, feel good, and stay active and healthy is what Gina, a Cal Fit personal trainer and model member of the month, strives for each and every day. She’s a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who daily trains Cal Fit members daily in small groups, Sleek and Slender personal training classes and private personal training. Oh and did we mention she also won Best Personal Trainer of Elk Grove?

Yeah, she’s awesome … and talented.

“What I love most about my job is bringing a level of excitement and enthusiasm to exercise,” says Gina. “We all know that exercise is essential for our overall health and well-being. When you really enjoy something, you will continue to do it.”

She says what she loves most about her job is helping to make exercise exciting and encouraging members to continuously want to come back into the gym because they are genuinely looking forward to working out. “I love seeing the self-esteem, satisfaction, and self-worth radiate out of my clients after I am done working with them,” she says.

Having been a member at California Family Fitness since she was a teenager active in competitive sports, she would work out at the gym during her off seasons to stay in shape and healthy all year long. During college she felt her love for the health and fitness industry, and working hands-on with people. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in communications studies and having taken classes in health science, she realized her purpose in life was to help others get healthy.

One NASM certified personal trainer certification later and Gina was well on her way to inspiring others to live a healthy, active life. Since then, she has also received her AFAA certified group fitness instructor certification, along with specialty certifications in VIPR, TRXGravity, Gravity Group, Triggerpoint, Ripped, LEBoot, Prenatal Fitness and X-Bike. 

She knows her stuff.

“I love teaching others, spreading knowledge, helping people learn and achieve their goals,” Gina says. “Working hands-on with my clients, showing them anything is possible and giving them the knowledge and guidance they need to successful.” She continues to say that believing in her clients and seeing their accomplishments is what she loves about coming to work each and every day.

As a former competitive gymnast, she has a history of working extremely hard in the gym at a young age, along with a strong work ethic. She empathizes with her clients that sometimes, things just don’t come easy. Gina’s understanding helps her to be her clients’ biggest supporter so that they can, and will, achieve their personal best. “I want them to feel successful and good about themselves, confident and happy,” she says.

Looking to the future, Gina hopes to continue to grow her Sleek and Slender small group classes, as well as continue to help Cal Fit encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle. “As a company, we are helping to make our world healthy, one person at a time,” she says,” and I feel very honored to be a part of that!”

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