Meet Tara: Cal Fit Model Member of October

15081_BLG_Tara_BIS__THUMBTara, Cal Fit member and mom of two children, is on cloud nine these days. You may even recognize her, as she just so happens to be one of our models for our recent advertising campaign all over the greater Sacramento area.

For Tara, things have changed since her featured success story 1 ½ years ago. At that time, Tara had accomplished many amazing feats including transforming her body, having gained strength and muscle while achieving weight loss – losing 13 percent body fat and 25 pounds in only seven months. She felt healthy, toned and confident, ready to tackle new goals and embrace her fitness journey.

Today her journey continues as she’s still maintains and balances a healthy and active lifestyle working out at Cal Fit five days per week while raising her children as a single mom. But her focus has changed and she is well on her way to becoming a personal trainer to educate and help people, especially women and fellow moms, to be the absolute best version of themselves through health and fitness.

“I changed my focus to become a trainer because I want to inspire people, I want to give back,” Tara says. “Exercise is empowering and we’re so much stronger than we think.”

Tara says her goal as a future trainer is to teach people to be the best version of themselves. “In reality, my goal for myself is to become the best version of myself, too. Everyone’s ‘best version’ is different. But ultimately, for everyone – men, women or kids – it’s important to know that they can be the best version of themselves. It’s possible.”

While Tara may not be looking for weight loss solutions since having reached her goals, she is constantly working out to maintain the healthy, active and fit lifestyle she is now passionate about. Her fitness routine is based around strength training five days per week plus a few high-intensity workouts – including her favorite group fitness class, bootcamp – for added cardio, with two days off to rest and recover.

As any health expert will tell you, exercise is only half the equation to living a healthy lifestyle – you have to eat right, too! “Although healthy, my diet is super flexible,” she says. “I’ve never once given up anything that I love.” Tara has found a way to eat well while treating herself to an occasional “cheat meal” in moderation.

With her newfound passion in health and fitness, and a goal of becoming a personal trainer just around the corner, Tara says that never in her life could she have imagined that when she signed up at Cal Fit 2 ½ years ago that she would be where she is today in her health and fitness journey. “This a dream that I never knew I had. It’s such a blessing and a total calling,” she says.

At 32-years-old, Tara is living a healthy and active lifestyle while inspiring others, including her friends and family, that they can too become the best version of themselves. “Be prepared [with a fitness plan], rest, recover and eat well,” she says. “You’re more important than anything else. Make yourself a priority and make it happen!”

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