Meet the Member: Chanel Price

For Chanel Price, it’s all about convenience.


As a pharmaceuticals representative, the mom of two spends much of her day in her car and in and out of doctor’s offices. But the advantage of her job--which she jokingly describes as selling drugs legally --is she can build her own hours. And one of the most important hours in Price’s day is her workout time, which--because of her flexible schedule--she can fit in almost any time of day.


Price’s workout is about much more than looking good and seeing a certain number on the scale.


“I work out because it makes me feel good, makes me feel energized,” she said. “And it’s one step towards keeping me here for the long haul with my family.”


Family is one of Price’s biggest motivators for hitting the gym at California Family Fitness. She strength trains four days a week and does cardio once a week.

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“My husband and I want to practice what we preach,” she said. “We want to be examples to our girls that you should always prioritize your health, fitness and nutrition. We want them to experience that at a young age and hopefully carry it on into their adult lives.”


Their hard work has been paying off.  The family comes to California Family Fitness regularly together to workout, play tennis and take classes, with their daughters becoming fitness enthusiasts, too.


Fifteen-year-old Alana “loves track and cross country and runs a lot of 5Ks,” Price said. “She’s also an orange belt in karate.” Twelve-year-old Sydney, who also just started running track like her big sister, has a passion for cheerleading, according to her mom. Price said Sydney’s team came in second at a national competition held last year in Las Vegas.


Price and her husband, Brian, stay fit outside the gym, too, playing tennis together frequently. “I absolutely love playing tennis with my husband,” she said. “I love the game because it’s extremely active, running baseline to baseline from one end of the court to the other. And it’s a great way to stay active as a couple and spend quality time together.”


And that quality time as a couple and a family is convenient when they can all come to California Family Fitness.


“Have you seen this place? It’s amazing!” Price said on a recent visit. “There really is something for my whole family here.”