Meet the Member: Maria Romey

Maria Romey’s breaking point came in 2010.



“I saw a photo of myself as maid of honor in a girlfriend’s wedding,” she said. “I was 170 pounds and I didn’t even recognize myself.

“What I looked like in that photo was not who I felt I was on the inside.”


After years of overindulging on food and occasional drinks with friends, Romey was ready to take the first step toward pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

“Joining California Family Fitness was one of the best decisions I have made,” she said. “CalFit has made it easier for me because it’s where I learned how to weightlift, which has changed my body overall.”

After getting into an exercise routine and dialing in her nutrition – the latter of which she said found more challenging – Romey saw a 30-pound weight loss on her 5-foot-3 frame.

But her transformation goes beyond the physical.

“CalFit is such an uplifting environment,” Romey said. “I’ve met so many friends through this journey who continue to challenge me in my fitness goals and introduce me to new things.”

Romey teamed with California Family Fitness’ coaches, who encouraged her to try other fitness avenues. She started exploring new group fitness classes like Body Fit and Gravity.

“[They’re] still trying to get me to try cycle class,” she said, laughing. “I haven’t done it yet though!”

Romey has also completed a half marathon.

“I used the treadmills at the gym to help with my interval and endurance training,” she said.

She’s also competed in the Spartan Trifecta, a rigorous three-part running and obstacle race series.

“Completing that was such a big accomplishment because those races were super strenuous with lots of running and obstacles to conquer,” Romey said.

Eight years after embarking on this lifestyle change, Romey is still constantly searching for other ways to challenge herself through fitness.

“I don’t see myself stopping, I may slow down, but I’m not stopping,” she said. “I’m excited to see what other fitness pursuits I’ll take on.”