Meet the Trainer: Branden

This month, we're spotlighting the top trainers from all of our clubs. One of the things that we appreciate about our trainers is that they are such unique individuals. While they share a love of health and fitness, their backgrounds and life experiences are so different. We hope that as you get to know some of our trainers better, you'll recognize in one of them an approach to fitness, life philosophy, or shared interest that you can relate to. Maybe that person is Branden Buentipo, a top trainer at our Elk Grove club.

27 year old Branden is a a Sacramento native. After a workout, you can find him noshing on sushi, his favorite post-workout snack. While fitness and personal development are a big part of his life, one of his hobbies outside of the gym is journaling.BrandonbLISTING2

In the gym, Branden admits that he does play favorites when it comes to the equipment--for his own workouts, he really likes the barbell. If he's trying to fit in a quick workout, he'll focus on weighted pull ups, weighted dips, deadlifts, and squats.

Some difficult childhood experiences provided the motivation for Branden to become a trainer. "I was born with a deformed ear and went through a lot of pain," Branden shares. "Growing up, I lacked confidence and dealt with numerous insecurities. I decided to become a personal trainer so I could motivate and inspire other individuals to become better, inside and out."

"To me, personal trainer is so much deeper than just getting in a good workout. It's about creating a bond where both parties can grow and benefit on multiple levels," Branden explains. He truly enjoys spending time with his clients, tell us, "I love connecting with people--all shapes, all sizes, all colors, all backgrounds. I thrive off of human connection."BrandonBLISTING

When ask what he'd like to make sure each of his clients knows, Branden's response is, "We are all on this earth for a very short time--appreciate life moment by moment, and savor every second with your loved ones."

Branden's clients appreciate his positive and caring approach to helping them reach their health goals, as you can see in this amazing video testimonial from one of them. 

If you'd like to set up a training session with him, please email (Make sure you state that you'd like to train with Branden in your email).