Meet the Trainer: Christopher Chilton

It's time to meet another one of Cal Fit's top personal trainers, Christopher Chilton.  Working with members at our Midtown location, Christopher loves his role in helping people reach their health and fitness goals.  

This 37 year old grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and you better believe he's a fan of the Buckeyes!  Sports have always been one of his passions, but he also enjoys kicking back and enjoying video games now and then, too.  

What led Christopher to a career as a personal trainer?  It was seeing his dad's health decline.  That was hard, but Christopher tells us, "I hoped I could use fitness to motivate others to live a better, healthier lifestyle."  And being healthy himself is something that he strives for.  His motivation is, "Looking good, feeling great, and being here for my family."Christopher POST

Christopher says that for his own workouts, he frequently turns to the Hex bar and medicine balls.  His favorite 10 minute workout is HIIT style30 Burpees, 25 push-ups, 20 med ball slams, 15 pull-ups, 10 box jumps, 5 ball wall and repeat.  And after a workout, he'll most likely be found noshing on an Allmax Nutrition protein shake and a turkey sandwich.  What does Christopher like most about his job?  He says it's, "The different faces every hour and solving the puzzle of figuring out how help each individual to reach their goals."

If you've decided that working with a personal trainer will benefit you, Christopher may be just the right trainer to help get you started on your fitness journey.  To make an appointment to meet with him and discuss your goals, click on the button below.CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH A PERSONAL TRAINER