Meet the Trainer: Debbie Barry

This month, we're spotlighting the top trainers from all of our clubs. We look for exceptional people to work with our members, so we're confident that we can help you find just the right person to help you reach your fitness goals. Maybe that person is Debbie Barry, a member favorite who trains at our Rocklin club.

Debbie hails from the hills of Penryn, California. You'd never guess this from looking at her, but she's actually old enough to be a grandmother! Spending time with those grandkids tops her list of favorite pastimes, but Debbie also enjoys sewing, kayaking, and hiking. "I used to be a runner, competing a full marathon, half marathons, sprint triathalons, Eppie's Great Race, and many 5K and 10K races. My knee has stopped the running for now, so I hike!" Debbie says. "It's really about finding out what you can still do as you age and not giving up. Stay active!"ccf0082

As it turns out, Debbie discovered her passion for fitness later in life. "After trying unsuccessfully for 15 years to lose weight, I lost 53 pounds with the help of a friend who acted like a trainer for me. I have kept it off for 19 years," she explains. When budget cuts in the school system forced Debbie, a music teacher, to reduce her hours, her five children suggested she consider becoming a trainer. "Being a personal trainer has definitely become my passion!" Debbie notes. "I love helping people to move and feel better every day."

And that passion shows. Not only has Debbie gone on to earn 27 additional fitness certifications to complement her personal training credentials, she's always excited to learn new techniques to help her clients. "Our bodies are amazing and complex, and I love the challenge of helping people!"

When asked what she'd like to tell her clients (or anyone else considering a lifestyle change), Debbie has some excellent advice. "Be consistent - the small things pay off! Out of small things, great things come to pass. It won't happen overnight but it will happen if you keep on the path," she encourages. "Trust me--if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it. I was not athletic at all and had to work very hard to learn every new thing I tried, starting at age 39. But life is a blast when you keep trying and learning!"ccf0083

Debbie has such an encouraging, can-do vibe, and totally gets that fitness is a journey that can begin at any age or stage of life. If you'd like to set up a training session with her, please email (Make sure you state that you'd like to train with Debbie in your email).