Meet the Trainer: Elizabeth Maes

Forever young Midtown trainer Elizabeth Maes is excited to pass along her love of fitness to others. Find out more about what makes her tick when you keep reading.

Elizabeth, who comes from San Jose, CA, started her Cal Fit career as one of our group fitness instructors. “I wanted to expand my role to help individuals become healthier,” the 55 year old explains. "I love helping to educate ordinary people to make better choices for their overall health."e0155_erin_Cropped

What's Elizabeth's personal motivation for working out?  It's ambitious!  "I want to be leaner, faster and stronger in my fifties than I was in my twenties," she told us.  She does this by making sure to keep moving when she's outside of the gym.  "My favorite 10 minute workout is walking the dogs," she admits.  Even Elizabeth's free-time is filled with activities that keep her on her feet and energized. Drumming, painting, and camping top her list of favorites.  And speaking of favorites, this trainer tells us that her post-workout snack of choice is a Lean One Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake.e0155_erin_Cropped2

We really appreciate Elizabeth's advice for anyone looking to start getting healthier with exercise.  "Make this your lifestyle choice," she suggests, "Not just 'thing' you do."

If it sounds like Elizabeth is just the person you need to help motivate and inspire you in the gym, click the button below to make an appointment with her at our Midtown gym.