Meet the Trainer: Jonathan Mead

“I don’t remember the last time I had a ‘bad day’ at work,” smiles 21 year old Jonathan Mead, a personal trainer at our Orangevale location.  Find out more about why Jonathan loves his job below.

An Orangevale native, Jonathan decided to become a trainer because, he says, "I saw beneficial it was to be the strongest version of myself."  He is passionate about health and wellness, and the positive effects getting fit can have on people.  "I want to show clients how to get as strong as possible, because through strength training and cardio, we can see a lot of today's health problems decrease. I truly enjoy teaching that lifestyle," Jonathan explains.Jonathan_M_POST

Jonathan’s hobbies include videography, strongman competitions, and powerlifting.  His favorite 10-minute workout utilizes the TRX to do single leg squats and rows.  After an intense workout, Jonathan reaches for some trail mix and a protein shake.  

"I love knowing that everyday I have the opportunity to change someone's life," Jonathan told us.  He suggests to anyone discouraged about getting fit, that the key is to just keep moving.  "Just because you can't--for instance--compete in snowboarding anymore, doesn't mean you get to sit around all day," this trainer advises. "Go find a new hobby you'll enjoy that will keep you moving."  And knowing how passionate Jonathan is about helping our members learn to love fitness, he may be just the person to help you find that new hobby.Jonathan_M1_POST

If you are looking for a trainer to help you improve your overall health and slow the effects of aging, Jonathan may be a perfect fit for you.  Click the button below to make an appointment with him at our Orangevale club.