Meet the Trainer: Justin Carley

We have exceptional trainers in our clubs that are eager to see their clients achieve their health and fitness goals. They recognize that not everyone's vision "before" and "after" includes weight loss. Our personal trainers view each of their clients as individuals, and customize the workouts to suit your individual needs. We've been introducing you to our top trainers this month, and want to continue be telling your more about Justin Carley, a personal trainer at our Orangevale club.

"Goals are nice, but fall in love with the process!" 29 year old Justin encourages his clients. Los Angeles is his hometown, but this guy was actually in his senior year at UC Berkeley when he realized he'd fallen in love with fitness. "I actually decided practicing law was not what I wanted to do," he confesses. While he intends to return to school to become a physical therapist one day, personal training felt like just the right bridge between pre-law and physical therapy.

Hands down, Justin's favorite thing about being a personal trainer is the relationships he's been able to develop with his clients. He loves spending time with clients and having the opportunity to share in their fitness journey. It's been especially rewarding for him to experience their non-scale victories, he notes, "Like off diabetes medications, having chronic pain resolved, even surgical recoveries going better than the doctor expected because of increased strength and activity."

Justin admits that he doesn't play favorites when it comes to gym equipment. "I’m not married to any particular 'tool' of the gym, but picking a good 'tool' for the best workout is more of what gets me pumped."JustinCfitballfunPOST

When he's not working with clients at Cal Fit, Justin calls himself a simple guy and--believe it or not--a bookworm. He loves being outdoors, especially if swimming and hiking are included. And Justin is a foodie--he really enjoys trying new food and drinks.

If you'd like a trainer who can discuss your latest read and help you get healthier than ever before, Justin Carley may be the perfect fit. If you'd like to set up a training session with him, please email (Make sure you state that you'd like to train with Justin in your email).