Meet the Trainer: Kelle Santin

The next trainer we'd like to introduce you to is Kelle Santin. One of California Family Fitness' top 25 trainers, Kelle really enjoys exercise and wants to impart that joy to others. Read on to find out more about this trainer and her philosophy.

You'll never believe this, but Sacramento native Kelle is five decades old. Not only does she not look her age, Kelle doesn't feel her age, either. With hobbies like working out, hiking, cooking, and gardening, she's active for most of the day! She's living life to the fullest, and that's due in large part to some of her past experiences. "I have had some setbacks health-wise in my life," she admits, "And after seeing my parents and grandparents decline, I've been given the drive to help others for the long haul."KelleSantinPOST

Kelle's favorite post-workout snack is a Quest bar, and often selects the Olympic bar or cable machine for her personal workouts. She's a big believer in whole body workouts and HIIT training. She also told us, "Deadlifts are the best!"

When working with our members, Kelle explains that, "I love to see the small changes in my clients that even they don't see. It's not just about looking good but feeling good, living a life of purpose, and being able to do the things you want--such as travel, hiking, or just walking the dog." Kelle also says that it's really fulfilling to see her clients begin to experience the same joy she herself feels from exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.ccf0003

We asked Kelle to tell us what advice she had for anyone just getting started on their fitness journey. She responded, "Listen to your trainer, trust the process, and...never give up on yourself!"

If hearing about Kelle's enthusiasm for helping others learn to enjoy fitness has inspired you, she may be the perfect fit for your training needs. Click on the button below to set up an appointment with Kelle or any of our other highly qualified personal trainers.