Meet the Trainer: Larry Wooten

Say hello to Larry Wooten, everyone! He's a trainer at Cal Fit Arden, and he really loves his job and his clients. Larry is one of our top 25 trainers, and we'd like to give you a chance to get to know him better.

29 Year old Larry comes from Colfax, California. So it's probably no surprise that what he really enjoys in his free time is having "outdoor adventures." He loves eating Mexican food, but compensates for the calories when he works out with plenty of TRX and kettlebells--his two favorite pieces of gym equipment.LarryWooten1

The decision to become a trainer was one that stems from a particularly difficult chapter in Larry's life. "I got hit by a car at my old job," he explains. When the doctors Larry consulted weren't able to help him regain his strength and wellness, Larry was motivated to learn anatomy and physiology so, "I could get my life back," he admits. Learning what made his body work and how he could improve the way he felt was such a powerful recovery tool for Larry that he was motivated to share that knowledge with others.

Larry really enjoys working with new clients and being around so many different personalities each day. He also told us that, "I love helping my clients achieve results that they never thought possible."LarryWooten2

Does now seem like the right time to start working with a personal trainer? Larry might be the right trainer to meet with.  To make an appointment to meet with him or one of our other highly qualified trainers,  click on the button below.