Meet the Trainer: Lauri Tachera

We're delighted to introduce you to Lauri, one of Cal Fit's top trainers.  Working out at our Elk Grove club, she brings years of experience and empathy to the table.  Read on to learn more about this trainer.  

Lauri is a well-rounded individual who believes in balance.  Spending lots of time every day at the gym, she enjoys exercising in her free time, too, but relaxes with reading and jigsaw puzzles.  Inside the gym, Lauri is a big believer in functional fitness, telling us that her favorite piece of gym equipment is "gravity"!  After a workout, she suggests reaching for nuts, fruit, a protein shake, or a protein bar.  Lauri_T_POST

The thing Lauri enjoys most about being a personal trainer? “Inspiring people to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle,” she tells us. Lauri says her own motivation for staying fit is her desire to live a long, healthy, productive life. To those who are just taking the first steps toward a healthy lifestyle, Lauri suggests, "Be patient, put the work in and watch your body change in great ways."Lauri_T2_LISTING

If you are looking for a trainer to help you improve your overall health and slow the effects of aging, Lauri may be a perfect fit for you.  Click the button below to make an appointment with her.CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH A PERSONAL TRAINER