Meet the Trainer: Michael Mascio

We'd like to introduce you to another one of Cal Fit's top trainers, Michael Mascio.  While he's always enjoyed an active lifestyle, Michael hasn't always been a personal trainer.  He has had a pretty unique journey--read on to find out how it all began.

Michael grew up on the East coast, in Rhode Island.  Growing up near the sea gave him a love of fishing and crabbing, but he enjoys other outdoor activities, too, including mountain climbing and and camping.  Oatmeal makes a great campfire breakfast, but according to Michael, a bowl full of oatmeal topped with cranberries is also a tasty post-workout snack.

When he's working out on his own, Michael has two pieces of equipment that he calls his favorites: dumbbells, and lateral uprights.  And if he only has ten minutes to fit in a workout, this trainer is going to work on abs. (Find some fantastic ten minute ab workouts from Cal Fit trainers here).MikeMPOST

Michael's original career was as an engineer.  He worked in the biomedical field, designing internal devices like stints and spinal hardware.  Watching what the patients went through that needed this type of serious medical intervention, Michael became passionate about something: prevention.  "I wanted to help people to prevent people from having to use the devices that I had helped design and make," he tells us.  "I wanted to be on the front line of prevention."  It was definitely a career shift for Michael, but it's one that he's happy about.  "I love making a difference in peoples lives, for their health and well-being."

If you are looking for a trainer to help you improve your overall health and slow the effects of aging, Michael may be a perfect fit for you.  Click the button below to make an appointment with him at our Folsom or Midtown clubs.