Meet the Trainer: Nathaniel Bragg

We're delighted today to introduce you to Nathaniel Bragg, one of Cal Fit's Top 25 Trainers. Nate works with members at our newest club, Watt, and this is your chance to learn more about him.

Twenty-four year old Nate comes from Citrus Heights. When he's working out on his own, he appreciates a really good pre-workout warm up, and his go-to piece of equipment in the trap bar. After a sweat session, this guy's favorite post-workout meal is ten whole eggs scrambled with two protein pancakes.NateBragg3

Nate needs to eat lots of good fuel to power his hobbies, which include power lifting, hiking, and outdoor activities. And--he confesses--naps! His love of the outdoors is one of his biggest motivations for staying healthy. "I love being able to be physically active enough to experience the extremes that nature has to offer," Nate says.

Recovering from some of his own injuries led this trainer to his career. Nate explains, "The benefit of knowing how to work with my own injuries was my primary inspiration for becoming a trainer, and I use my own success story to inspire others." And helping others is a big part of what he loves about his job. Making a positive impact in the lives of his clients is important to Nate, "As well as the improved confidence that I see in them when they come to the gym."NateBragg2

Nate is a lot of fun to be around, and he tries to make his training sessions tough enough to have an impact, but tailored to each individual's needs. If you'd like a chance to workout with Nate at our Watt location, simply click on the button below.