Meet the Trainer: Nichole Ball

We're delighted to introduce you to one of Cal Fit's top trainers, Nichole Ball.  Meeting with members at our Greenhaven and Pocket clubs, this ray of sunshine decided on her career path because she enjoys helping people to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

If you've considered the benefits of working with a personal trainer and have decided it's time to meet with one, 27 year old Nichole may be just the one you are looking for.  She grew up in Fairfield, and enjoys dancing, watching sports, and hiking.  Not only does Nichole love working with members on a one-on-one basis, she's also a big proponent of our Body Fit training program.  She enjoys seeing people reach goals they never thought they could.  Nichole B POST

When she's working out on her own, Nichole says that climbing on the Stairmaster is her favorite 10-minute workout.  For it's versatility, the TRX is her favorite piece of gym equipment.  And after a good sweat session, this trainer's favorite post-workout snack is a chocolate protein shake with banana and peanut butter. 

Nichole's training philosphy?  "Forward is forward, no matter your speed," she says.  She believes that small changes over time are the way to make long-term progress.  

 If you are looking for a trainer that will help you make a lifestyle change, Nichole is ready.  Click the button below to make an appointment with her at our Elk Grove club.  CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH A PERSONAL TRAINER