Meet the Trainer: Richard "Ed" Nichols

Richard—or Big Ed, as we like to call him—says his life was transformed when he began working out with a trainer.  He went on to become a personal trainer himself, at our Folsom club.  Read on to find out more about Ed and his training philosophy.

"After years of neglecting my health, I hired someone to hold me accountable, motivate me, and educate me on how best to improve my appearance and health," Ed shares. "The results were beyond what I could have hoped. I decided that it was my turn to give, to pay it forward, to help someone the way I was helped,” he says, explaining why he decided to become a personal trainer.Richard_Ed_N_POST

Ed is a California transplant--he grew up in Cincinnati.  In his spare time, he enjoys baseball, movies, and cooking.  And you are going to love Ed's go-to post workout snack:  barbecued chicken and sweet potatoes!

When asked what inspires and motivates him to have a healthy lifestyle, Ed told us it's, "Being able to keep up with my kids now, being healthy and vital when they are in their teens and twenties, and just setting a good example for them as to how to live a life that is in accordance with their values." He also told us what he enjoys most about being a trainer.  "I love arriving to do my job in a place where every person believes in improving; where every person believes that there is hope for tomorrow to be better than today."Richard_Ed_N2_POST

If you'd like to set up a training session with Ed at our Folsom location, you can click the button below.