Member Success Story: Scotia B.

We'd like to introduce you to Scotia B., who is a member at Elk Grove Cal Fit. She's been working hard to reach some goals, and has had incredible success!

An invitation from her daughter to ride in the AIDS Lifecycle was what motivated this local teacher. With a goal to ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles this June, she began taking spin classes and working out with a personal trainer, Brandon Domondon. "Brandon has given me many tools that I will have now for life," Scotia tells us.Scotia POST

What are some of the tools that Brandon has offered to help Scotia get where she is today? "He has shown me that it’s not all about cardio, strength training is very effective in weight loss," she explains. "He has shown me the importance of stretching and rolling my muscles. He showed me an app that I can track my food on and he can see what I track, so it holds me accountable. He never lets me give up on myself because as he said more often than not, your limitations are all in your head."

Scotia has seen many benefits from her efforts inside and outside of the gym. "I’ve lost 42lbs and inches all over my body. My blood work has come back with numbers in the healthy range across the board. My sleep has improved because I no longer suffer from heartburn every night. I have way more energy than I used to and my outlook on life is more positive than it was. I feel calmer and at peace." Congrats to Scotia on her success, and we wish her the best as she pedals for a good cause this summer!