No Guilt Mom-Time: Why it’s important to spend time without the kids

no-guilt-mom-timeWe know you love your kids and value the time you spend with them. But sometimes it’s okay to spend time sans kiddos to remind yourself that there is life beyond snack time, nap time, playtime and bedtime. In fact, as a mom, you probably need time away for your children once in a while to remember the amazing woman you are and the immense possibilities that, in fact, did not disappear now that you’re a mom.

Why It’s Important to Spend Time Without the Kids

Before you had kids, you may have defined yourself by your favorite hobbies, pastimes or dreams. Just because you’re a mom now, doesn’t mean that person doesn’t exist anymore. It just means you’ve added another character layer to the amazing person you already are.

It’s also a great way for your kids to learn the art of independence and self-control. When they are with a sitter, day care provider, family/friends, or at school, they are responsible for applying all those life lessons you’ve taught them in the real world.“Because I said so” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s someone else saying it too!

No Guilt Mom-Time

Set up a regular time for no-guilt mom-time. It could be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or however often you need to recharge and rediscover yourself beyond motherhood. Meet up with your girl friends and relax by the pool or spa. Set up a date night with your significant other to have kid-free and cell-phone free time to yourselves. Or spend some time by yourself; at the gym, in a bubble bath, or with a good book.

Mom-Time at the Gym

Here at California Family Fitness, we want to inspire you to embrace your guilt free mom-time and challenge yourself through group fitness classes, personal training opportunities, and all-inclusive gym amenities. Plus, we make the process a breeze by providing your kids a safe and fun place to play in our Kidz Klub & Child Care while you exercise.