How to Stay Healthy When Life Gets Busy | Nutrition Classes

March is known for coming in like a lion, and out like a lamb, but it's also National Nutrition Month! In honor of the health benefits of eating for wellness, we are excited to bring you two upcoming opportunities to learn more about keeping your body healthy with nutritious meals.

One of the biggest challenges our members and friends tell us they face when it comes to making healthy dietary choices is time. Most of us have access to a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other necessities, but the difficulty is finding time around all our other responsibilities to shop, chop, flavor, and cook. It seems that either you have to spend all your time in the kitchen, or sacrifice nutrition because you only have time to eat meals on the go.


The good news is, it is possible to find a balance. Your health goals don’t have to take a back seat to everything else in your life. Your social life and hobbies don't have to fall by the wayside in order to achieve your health goals.

We're excited to give you the opportunity to learn how to make good nutrition fit your schedule with simple meal prep hacks. Join board certified sports nutritionist and dietitian Emmie Satrazemis, Director of Nutrition at Trifecta Organic Meal Delivery, for an informative 45 minute nutrition presentation and 30 minute Q&A session.


Upcoming Classes

Wednesday, March 25th
California Family Fitness - Elk Grove: 8569 Bond Road
5:30pm – 6:45pm
Cost: $25* - Register here

Wednesday, April 8th
California Family Fitness - Rocklin: 2165 Sunset Blvd.
5:30pm – 6:45pm
Cost: $25* - Register here

*All participants will receive a $25 Trifecta gift card. Cal Fit members can also take advantage of 30% off their first Trifecta order at


About the Dietitian

Emmie_HeadshotA self-described “always hungry” fitness junkie, Emmie Satrazemis loves to build strength and push her body hard, which comes in handy when working with professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes and serving as the dietitian for the Navy SEALs. When she’s not in the gym or eating, you can find Emmie traveling or getting active somewhere with her husband, Jake and their pup, Bernie.