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Work In: Nutrition + Running | Podcast Episode 2

We are excited to bring you the next episode of Work In, the California Family Fitness podcast. Each episode of Cal Fit's Work In podcast is a chance for you to consider how you might "work in" a new healthy habit or two into your day. We'll sit down to chat with people who will discuss how applying these new habits could improve your life. After listening to these conversations, we hope you'll be empowered and motivated with your own personal takeaways.15038_BLG_StrengthTraining_Runners_THUMB

In Episode 2, "Work In: Nutrition + Running", Cal Fit's Director of Marketing, Michelle McCauley, visits with three local experts about fueling a run. Whether you are a new runner working through your first couch to 5K program, someone who runs to burn stress, or you are a passionate competitor, this episode will have something to which you can relate, plus some fun stories that will make you laugh.19403_BLOG_Podcast_WebsitePage_ListingImage_640x310_Nutrition&Running-1

Meet the guests from Episode 2:

  • Offering professional nutrition advice in this episode is Kim Caudill,MSRD CNSC CLT.  All those letters after her name mean that Kim is a registered dietician with advanced training.  After 10 years of clinical work, Kim founded Lifestyle Nutrition & Dietetics, where she practices Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).  MNT is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and symptoms via the use of a specifically tailored diet devised and monitored by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 
  • Cynthia Villarimo, PhD, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.  Besides being a molecular geneticist making inroads in the cure for cancer, Cynthia has a family, runs a small ranch, and runs marathons just for fun.  She has a full life, and she loves it.  You'll appreciate Cynthia's tips for how to "have it all" without sacrificing healthy habits.
  • Scott Abbott has been running around Sacramento since his youth, when his running coach was Jesuit High School legend, Walt Lange.  Now Scott is a championship runner, coach and executive director of the Sacramento Running Association, which operates the California International Marathon.  We appreciate the perspective he offers as a professional athlete and coach.

Listen to this episode of Work In HERE, on your favorite podcast distributor, or watch it below. We invite you to like and share the podcast if you enjoy it.  Are you a runner?  What's your meal of choice the night before a race?  And where is your very favorite place in Sacramento to enjoy a run?  Please share in the comments!