#NutritionFits: Packing Lunches for Kids

It's back to school time! If you are looking for ways to make lunch both healthy and fun for your children this year, Stacey Maedge has plenty of inspiration. In this week's #NutritionFits video, she's showing us her favorite lunch box systems and offering great ideas for tasty and nutritious foods to pack in those boxes.


Here are links to many of the products Stacey shares in the video that are available on Amazon:

And a special bonus for those of you participating in #NutritionFits: click here to receive access to an extra video tutorial from Stacey. She'll show you how to make clean gummy treats that are free of chemicals and processed sugars. A perfect lunch treat for kids!Alternative Wraps

Need more inspiration for fueling up your family?  Check out Stacey's tips for breakfast prep and healthy snacks.Pink Box with Bentos

Stay tuned for next week's video, when Stacey will offer tips for how adults can pack healthy lunches, too!