Personal Training for Fitness Competitions

Are you ready to show off your fit physique at a fitness competition? Fitness competition training can help you get into the best shape of your life, and transform your already fit physique into an award worthy frame.
No matter what division fitness competition interests you, advanced training will help you reach the stage. If you have a love for fitness routines, dance, or gymnastics, then a true Fitness competition is for you. If you would rather present your athletic physique, a fitness modeling division such as Figure or Bikini will allow you to show off your hard-earned build. The NPC (National Physique Committee) can help you find contest dates near you, and outline the rules for each division.

How to Train for a Fitness Competition

You can start training for your fitness competition on your own 3-6 months in advance. In the early stages of training, you will want to focus on maintaining the regular workouts and healthy, clean eating that has already gotten you to a fit and healthy state.

Serious fitness competition training begins 12-18 weeks before the competition. At this stage of competition prep, it is time to bring in the pros to assist you. A personal trainer can help you map out the road to competition, and guide you through the total transformation that your body will undergo in the next few months.

A personal trainer will help you transform; your muscles will become larger and more defined, and your body fat will reduce until you are at your peak “lean” state. This requires a distinct plan in order to get the results you want at the time you want them -- training or dieting incorrectly at this point could lead to muscle waste or metabolic burnout.

For the first half of your fitness competition training, you and your personal trainer will focus on developing larger, more defined muscles. Your diet will encourage muscle growth and energy to fuel your workouts.

Growing and defining the following areas will help you get an enviable, stage-worthy physique:
  • Shoulders
  • Glutes & hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Abs
  • Upper back
As you near the competition, your focus will change as you and your trainer work to maintain your muscle mass while reducing your body fat percentage. Your training days and cardio sessions will increase, and your diet will become a major area of focus. You will increase your meals, eliminate cheat days and sugar, and increase your protein. Your trainer will likely assign two carb-load days a week to fuel your workouts.

A personal trainer can help you reach your competition goals and get to the stage in the best shape of your life. Training for an event of this nature on your own can be done, but the results of a professional will get you to your goal safely, confidently, and more effectively. We have experienced trainers at a California Family Fitness location near you that know exactly how to guide you to success on the competition stage.

Other professionals that may help you on your journey to a fitness competition are a dedicated nutritionist, stage coach, as well as hair, makeup, and tanning pros. Don’t forget to find out what the outfit requirements are for your division, and get your bikini or other attire fitted to your specific shape before the big day.

Training for a competition can take a huge amount of focus, dedication, and resources, but the results are always worth it.
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