Personal Training Helps Cathy K. Gain Independence

Orangevale Member Success Story

On May 21, 2016, I suffered a stroke which resulted in right side paralysis.

After the hospital stay, rehab, then physical, occupational and speech therapy, I knew I had a lot more recovery to do. I had gotten out of the wheelchair and was using a walker to get around, but I was not able to function without assistance from a caregiver. (I was not my independent self).

I did not know how to achieve the goal of independence employing my own efforts; I needed help to become physically stronger and more capable. Therefore, I sought the appropriate professional help at my gym: California Family Fitness.

sacramento personal trainer with woman recovering from stroke

Personal Training Offers Safer Recovery 

I am currently working with Michael Noel, certified personal trainer at the Orangevale club.

I cannot imagine having achieved my current abilities, muscle strength/function and overall stability without having worked with him. 

It pays to work with the professional knowledge of a certified personal trainer in the proper techniques and exercises when a person wants to train, rehab from injury/illness or needs to develop new abilities/strengths. Michael has been so helpful and everything about my experience has been absolutely wonderful.

Meeting Milestones

The journey is not over yet, as I have additional physical goals to achieve. But, since working with Michael, I have regained my independence: which means that I am walking with a cane; I am able to climb stairs and I am able to function well in caring for my home.

I can, once again, sign my name and write notes/letters; my right leg and arm have almost full range of motion/function; and I am safe to drive my car.

I now feel capable, stronger and more physically independent - almost back to my normal self, before the stroke.