Rocklin Sports Complex: Why I Love It!

blog-post_300x250_familyblog-thumb_member-perspective-3Most well-known for indoor soccer leagues, Rocklin Sports Complex host a range of indoor sports and fitness activities however most overlook some incredibly unique amenities.

If you are an athlete, grew up training or are looking to get into a higher intensity workout than strictly machine weights, there’s one Cal Fit location that is like no other.  This one specific location happens to be my favorite and when I imagine being in a gym, this is the gym that I envision.  Cal Fit Rocklin Sports is a very unique location because it combines a free weights/CrossFit style workout area with a family specific emphasis. 

When I had kids, CrossFit and other “box style” gyms were out of the question because of the childcare dilemma.  I enjoy lifting free weights and doing plyometric style workouts. The Rocklin Sports Complex has a lot to offer to the high intensity fitness oriented man or woman. While I enjoy various Cal Fit locations on a regular basis, here are the top reasons why I typically prefer to go to Rocklin Sports Complex: 

  1. Four lifting platforms!! There are 4 designated bumper plate lifting platforms to do all your Olympic, power or CrossFit free weight lifting. This is really special for a gym.  And further, almost impossible to find in a gym that also has a childcare, this is amazing. I know I stopped Olympic lifting for several years after my first child was born primarily because of the lack of family oriented gyms that housed bumper plates and platforms.  
  2. Huge area for plyometrics, WODS, foot work, etc. Tractor Tires, kettle bells, an oversized TRX machine with multiple pull up bars, painted ladders and other agility drill markings on the ground. Personal Trainers and Body Fit are also offered here and with the variation of fitness equipment keeps things interesting.
  3. Cardio is better at Rocklin Sports Complex. Treadmills are not my favorite but sometimes are a necessary, repetitive evil. One thing I love about Rocklin Sport is that you can watch live soccer games while getting your own cardio in.  I love to pound out my 1.5 mile run while a game is going on.  It makes the cardio that much more satisfying.  Or, if you want to run drills on the basketball court or soccer field, there’s plenty of space as to not impede in someone’s game. 

There’s also a legit climbing wall so you or your kids can hit that on the way out, childcare staff is amazing.  Rocklin Sports has the same amazing culture as the other gyms, but also boasts that raw free weights and CrossFit style workout capability.  Check it out, you’ll be hooked too.

AUTHOR BIO: Misha is a California Family Fitness member who frequents the Rocklin Sports Complex, Arden and Orangevale locations. She’s also a very busy mama to three adventurous boys under the age of six.

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