Sacramento Personal Training Success: Orangevale Member, Bobbie G.

Family Recommends Personal Training at Cal Fit

At the age of 69, my body felt as though I was 80. I felt drained of energy and was unable to keep up with my active friends.

My daughters had been encouraging me to sign up at California Family Fitness because they thought that I would greatly benefit from the family-friendly environment and working with personal trainer Kelle Santin. 

sacramento personal trainer with gym member

My daughters were right!

From the moment that I walk into the doors at Cal Fit, my day gets brighter.

Not only is the staff friendly, but the relationships that I've built with fellow members has been invaluable.

Sacramento Personal Trainer Keeps Workouts Fun

I am very grateful for my personal trainer, Kelle.

Kelle is very motivating and continues to help me achieve my health and fitness goals. Her patience and unrelenting enthusiasm for my personal growth continues to excite me and makes me look forward to our sessions three times per week.

She is always coming up with new and innovative exercises to increase my strength and stability while keeping our workouts fun.

Build Strength at Any Age

When I began my journey at age 69, I had never been able to get up off the floor without using my hands to brace myself. At age 73, I have no problem at all getting up off of the floor unassisted.

Thank you to California Family Fitness and Kelle specifically for showing me that the impossible is achievable.