Second Chances

running_rachel_june_2blog-thumb_member-perspectiveWhen I first became a member of CalFit, I was an avid class goer.  I loved the energy and vibe from the instructor and working out in the group setting.  I decided to leave the group setting and try to do the fitness thing all on my own.

I gave up group workouts and hit the floor with the real weights.  I enjoyed lifting heavy.  Challenging myself in my solo workouts.  Yet I always wondered and questioned if leaving the group workout setting was the best choice for me.

I decided to give GST (Group Strength Training) a second chance.

I noticed that it was a new-to-me instructor leading the class, and figured I would give it a go.  I was very impressed.  She not only challenged everyone tailoring each move to our fitness and ability level, but she also explained why we were doing this particular move.

I learned. I sweated. I got a great fat burn per my heart rate monitor. I enjoyed myself. I thanked the instructor. Her name is Steffany.

Sometimes in life, when things don’t go well the first time… we need to try again and give it a second chance. Sometimes the second time around will be the one that clicks for you.  Whether this is in fitness or other areas of your life.  

For me, taking and giving GST a second chance was a great experience.

One of the great things about our membership at Cal Fit is that we have access to all the facilities in the Sacramento area. Check out the other CalFit facilities, classes, and amenities.  You may find your favorite class!

I know that when I am not sweating at my local gym, I enjoy driving up to the Citrus Heights gym for the mid-afternoon BootCamp class. It is rarely crowded and that woman can KICK YOUR BUTT in a good way!

Give it a second chance. You may be surprised. I was. GST worked for me and I am looking forward to adding it back into my fitness rotation.

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