Setting (and Reaching) Wellness Goals

Work In: Goal Setting | Podcast Episode 1

We are thrilled to bring you the very first episode of Work In, the California Family Fitness podcast. Each episode of Cal Fit's Work In podcast is a chance for you to consider how you might work in a new healthy habit or two into your day. We'll sit down to chat with people who will discuss how applying these new habits could improve your life. After listening to these conversations, we hope you'll be empowered and motivated with your own personal takeaways.

In Episode 1, "Work In: Goal Setting", Cal Fit's Director of Marketing, Michelle McCauley, sits down to chat with three of her goal-oriented friends to discover what they they consider to be the keys to setting and reaching wellness goals.

19054_CalFitPodcastWorkIn_Podcast_GoalSetting_ListingIMG_640x310Meet the guests from Episode 1:

  • Cal Fit instructor and nationally recognized author and motivational entertainer Kevin Bracy is a shot of sunshine that regularly brightens our Elk Grove club when he teaches spin classes.  Kevin shares his time-tested tips for taking small steps to reach big dreams, along with how to remain positive when the going gets tough. 
  • A personal trainer at Cal Fit Elk Grove for more than 10 years and mom of two, Gina Cargile has a track record of bringing out the best in others.  She shares practical tips for creating an environment of success--and grace--for achieving the goals you set.  Her realistic approach and can-do attitude will inspire confidence.
  • Lauren Madeira is a local entrepreneur and mother of two. Lauren is a co-founder of Bousa Beso Cosmetics, a VC Partner, and the creator of the Day Dreamer Journal. Along with anecdotes about her career and daily life, Lauren shares some of the creative ways she's been able to inspire herself and others to reach both short and long-term goals.

Listen to this episode of Work In HERE, or watch it below. We invite you to like and share the podcast if you enjoy it. Have your own tips for goal setting and goal getting?  Please tell us in the comments!