Slimming Down for a Special Occasion

blog-post_300x250_trainer-weightsFrom Folsom & Sunrise Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & CalFit Active Coach, Suzanne Cardenas

Typically, we think just women want to slim down for special holiday occasions. However, no man enjoys putting on a suit or tuxedo only to find it’s too small or tight. Here are some tips and simple exercises that both men and women can incorporate into their workout routines to slim down before the holiday season party rush!


The first and quickest fix to looking slim is maintaining good posture. Posture is a critical part of how you look and feel. Stand up tall roll your shoulders back and draw your stomach in by tilting your tailbone down. This will help support your spine and flatten the mid-section.


Make the most of your workouts by adding interval training to your routine; getting your heart rate up super-high throughout a shorter workout can be more effective than going through the motions of a longer, slower cardio session. The goal is to work out at a level that’s challenging and allows your body to burn more calories post-workout.


It is important to be mindful and pay attention to what you eat during the holidays. Adjusting your portions by eating five meals a day the size of your hand will help jump start your metabolism.

Here are 4 exercises to help increase your metabolism and challenge your endurance:

  • Stability Ball Push-Ups
  • Abs with Stability Ball
  • Side Plank with Hip Drop
  • Sliding Reverse Lunges

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