Stay Fitness Motivated With Cal Fit Rewards

We’ve all been there – you have the burning desire to get back into shape, tone up for the upcoming summer season, drop those last five pounds, have more energy and stamina to enjoy life, or whatever other big goal is priority to you. Goal set, check. Next up is tackling the goal head on. You mark you calendar, schedule that appointment with your new personal trainer, or line up your new nutrition-focused meal plan for the next two weeks, check.

A few weeks go by, or maybe even a month, and then BAM, things start to fall through little by little. You’ve lost that initial, strong motivation to inspire you to not just dream but to take action. Training sessions are cancelled, meal plans change last minute, an intense 60-minute workout session turns into 15 minutes of mediocre weight training and hitting up the lounge for the last 45 minutes.

Meh, you’d rather fall back into old habits today but “next time” you’ll regain focus.  Again, we’ve all been there. Don’t beat yourself up! Good news is: there is a better way for our members  – a way to maintain motivation to meet and exceed your fitness goals through rewards and accountability with the Cal Fit Rewards program.

Our Cal Fit Rewards program is open to all members. It is proven to boost your fitness with extra motivation and:

  •      Accountability – every time you check into the gym and post onto Facebook or Twitter, you get points!
  •      Rewards – racking up those points will earn some amazing rewards like free workout gear, personal training sessions and more.
  •      Friends – receive extra points and rewards when you refer a friend to Cal Fit.

Still not convinced? We think you should give it a try – you never know what extra support may help push you to stay fitness motivated and thus reach your fitness goals in no time!

For more information on our Cal Fit Rewards program, visit

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