Staying Active During the Winter Months

You're a mammal--but are you one who hibernates through the winter? Dr. Taglio is here today to share some motivating reasons to react to chilly weather more like a playful polar bear than a grouchy grizzly bear.

You’ve heard the saying, “Summer bodies are made in the winter?” Well, it’s true--so use this time to your advantage! During the winter months, it is so tempting to have a “snuggle up” mentality and want to sleep in a little longer, stay indoors when it’s rainy or cold outside, to sit on the couch cuddled up by a fire and to eat more comfort foods. Stay motivated and stick to your exercise routine, despite how much you may not feel like it, realizing that exercise actually helps defeat the winter blues, gives you more energy, helps you sleep better and will put you in tip top shape for the fast approaching spring and summer months.16145_BLG_4Things_BeachReadyBody_THUMB

  • Keep your Eye on the Prize - set your goals and imagine yourself 3 months from now, having achieved them! Spring is right around the corner, you don’t have much time, so don’t lose focus!
  • Put the in Time NOW - Keep in mind, the summer months are typically busier, with more vacations, parties, kids are off of school and routines tend to be disrupted. Put in your focused gym time now and hit your goals before the busy season hits.
  • Keep Yourself Well - the more fit you are, the less likely you are to get sick. The winter months tend to bring illness along with it and there is nothing worse than having setbacks from being sick. Consistent exercise and nutritious diet will keep your immune system bulletproof. Exercise gets your blood pumping and helps immune cells circulated throughout your body, helping them seek out and destroy infections quicker. A boost in your immune system lasts for a few hours after exercise, so keep it consistent with daily exercise for long term effects.
  • Get a Workout Partner or Group - When exercising with a partner, it is not easy to skip your workout session when you know they are depending on you to be there too. Exercise partners provide support, companionship, encouragement and distraction from undesirable weather.FriendsDancing
  • Simple Things to Get You To Your Goal: Focus on simply putting on your gym clothes and tennis shoes and showing up at the gym. If you exercise after work, don’t leave work without putting on your gym clothes first. Getting there is half the battle. Once you’re there, your committed and it’s a lot easier to follow through and finish what you came there to accomplish.
  • Meal Prep - It is easy to graze and reach for comfort food in the winter. Many people put on holiday weight that can make winter that much harder to fight hibernation. It’s a challenge! Plan out your week by meal prepping on the weekends so your food for the week is all set and ready to go come monday morning. Having your meals preplanned and set for you, will help keep you on track.
  • Take Advantage of Your Lunch Break - If dark mornings and dark nights are preventing you from getting in your exercise, bring a gym back with you to work and get it in during your lunch break. Even if there isn’t a gym nearby, a brisk walk goes a long way.
  • Realize The Mental Health Benefits - Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is something many people experience during the winter months. Continuing to exercise throughout the winter will keep you feeling less stressed, more relaxed with better sleep and a happier outlook. Combining exercise with being outdoors can help cheer your up even more. Exercise releases the “feel-good” chemicals serotonin and dopamine, which helps minimize anxiety and depression.15111_Blog_PreSkiTraining_THUMB
  • It’s Important to Get Outside During the Winter - Yes, the sun is harder to come by in the winter, but it is still very important to get that vitamin D exposure. It is necessary to keep your bones strong, your immune system working well, boost positivity, prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.
  • Fight Body Stiffness From the Cold - The cold weather makes our muscles stiffer and a little less flexible. This can ultimately lead to injury. Sit in the sauna for 10 minutes or so to warm up your body before your workout as well as a good stretch session. Consider chiropractic. Get your body adjusted to fight off stiffness, encourage healthier joint and body movement and prevention of injury. Keep in mind, Chiropractic doesn’t just address the spine, but all the extremities of the body as well.

Stay motivated about your health and fitness! Don’t overindulge, don’t eat too much chocolate or roasted potatoes, don’t wear baggier clothes (in fact, try putting on form-fitting clothes to remind yourself that you worked hard to get to where you are and you don’t want to go backwards!) don't avoid the mirror or the scale….face it head on and start counting down the weeks to the spring body you will be proud of.

dr-taglioAs a wife and mother of two active little boys, Dr. Taglio understands that life is busy and can easily get out of balance. She knows how important healthy habits are in maintaining a healthy family. She is committed to addressing the whole body and takes a multi-pronged approach to improving the function of the nervous system, by removing nerve interference through chiropractic, addressing nutritional components and incorporating neuromuscular re-education to maintain spinal health and stability. She has made it her mission to help people not only feel great, but also help them reach their highest potential, in whatever their endeavors are. She has a love for children and their healing through chiropractic and nutrition.

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