Step Up & Slim Down

Let’s Get Physical 

When you think of step aerobics fitness classes do you picture Denise Austin and Jane Fonda with the 80’s hair and spandex leotards? Well these ladies had one thing right - step aerobics can be a great calorie blasting workout! Step fitness classes are still alive and well at California Family Fitness...minus the 80’s fashion! 

Step Up

The basic concept of stepping up onto a raised platform is not a new concept, but it has proven time and again to be a great way to exercise for all skill levels. If you’re just beginning an exercise routine, Basic Step is the perfect choice with moderate stepping at a manageable pace. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced that will get your heart rate up, then Advanced Step is good option. Step Interval is for you if you’re used to interval and HIIT workouts, and Dance Step is the way to go if you want lots of choreography, music, and rhythm

Slim Down

Step Aerobics is a great way to strengthen your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. It also helps strengthen your abdominals, as many of the steps require you to engage your core. Our step aerobic classes incorporate choreographed movement at a regular (and fast) pace, keeping your heart pumping and your body moving. In a 1 hour class you can blast up to 575 calories! View all our Step Classes at a club near you and get stepping!

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