Success Story: Minnie N.

Cal Fit Elk Grove member Minnie Nguyen wears many hats: chef, designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, wife, and mother. In the past few years, Minnie and her husband have started their family while opening five of Greater Sacramento's most popular eateries, including. Firehouse Crawfish, STATION 38 Coffee, and STATION 16 Seafood. With two more restaurants under construction, how does this young overachiever do it all?cfj0001

"I love food! Especially spicy, flavorful food," Minnie says, explaining that what makes the dishes she creates unique is the way she blends cultural flavors together to produce mouth-watering cuisine. This restaurateur admits that her busy life can get chaotic, but she's become as skilled at balancing her roles as she is at balancing the mix of flavors in her award-winning dishes.

Minnie's life wasn't always as balanced as it is now. Juggling the opening of multiple restaurants with her role as a new mom was tough. "I was going kind of crazy. I was so busy fixing everyone's problems, I forgot about myself," she notes. "That's where the gym came in."

With the encouragement of her sister and a friend, Minnie started making her workouts at California Family Fitness a priority. Knowing her children would be cared for in the safe, fun environment of our Kidz Klubs helped Minnie to take the time for herself that she needed. "It's been a great journey. The three of us are still working out together," she shares. "We've seen results, and we push each other all the time." Minnie's gym time is just what she needs to decompress from her hectic pace, and be able to reconnect with herself and the people she loves.