Success Story: Roshaun and Maritza Davis

Roshaun and Maritza Davis founded their events marketing agency, Unseen Heroes, in 2008. The Sacramento-based business owners found success and fulfillment as they’ve built an award winning reputation for transforming unexpected city spaces into rich environments for the community to connect. Their Gather Nights are a summertime favorite in the Oak Park community, bringing together communal tables on a city block with beer, food tents, food trucks, a kids’ area, and live music.

Success usually has a price tag, and for Roshaun and Maritza, the cost was their health. While providing for their community, they lost focus on their own health and well-being. Each of them had their own personal wake up call.

Roshaun remembers his. “Nothing was wrong one day, but I just felt down. I really had to check in with that, and say, ‘We’re taking care of the community, but we’re not taking care of ourselves.’”

For Maritza, it was the realization that her lifestyle was taking a toll on her body. “I looked in the mirror one day and said, ‘We need to get our act together.’”

Together, Roshaun and Maritza had already accomplished great things: starting a business, having a family, building their community. So when it came to getting back into shape, they were ready to dive into that together, too. They started meeting regularly with a Cal Fit personal trainer, learning how to utilize their time in the gym to really make positive changes. As busy parents and entrepreneurs, the Davises needed some guidance to help them bring their lives into balance again. “It was creating a new habit for our family, but something that we absolutely needed to do for our minds, bodies, and souls,” notes Maritza.18375_Newsletter_DEC_DavisFam_LIST

It’s no surprise that with their commitment and accountability to each other, the Davises began to see changes in the way the felt…and looked! Roshaun is 30 pounds lighter, and he and Maritza are both stronger, fitter, and have more energy. One change they didn’t expect was a shift in the way their entire family felt about health and fitness. “Physically, we’ve been able to get stronger,” Maritza says. “And our kids are excited—the want to learn to work out, they want to learn to lift weights. I’m excited to see how we all start to transition more into this.”

Regaining energy and strength has led to more opportunities for the Davises to grow as business owners and community leaders. Pointing out his new zest for life, Roshaun explains, “It has definitely opened up a space for us to provide more for our community, because we feel healthy. We feel active. We feel empowered in a way that we didn’t before.”

We love that the Davis family has seen the benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. And we love that they are using their renewed energy to make a difference in their community.