Success Story: Shaun Campbell

When member Shaun Campbell was diagnosed with Stage 4 neck and throat cancer, he was devastated. Left with many questions about his future, he wondered what would happen to his body. That was the point when Shaun acknowledge, "The unknown sets in."  Questions about his future were had uncertain answers.  “What was going to happen to my body?  Would I have the strength to overcome this?"

"There were days that I wanted to give up," Shaun admits.  However, Shaun eventually found himself in recovery: a place he had barely dared hope for.  Being able to eat again and get clearance to work out made Shaun hopeful that he'd be able to get back to doing things that he'd enjoyed before cancer.  The journey was harder than he expected.

Weakened from his fight with cancer, Shaun says that his first trip back to the gym was discouraging. “I couldn’t lift weights, I was significantly lighter. I felt like I didn’t belong.” He admits that while it wasn’t easy for him to ask for help, he desperately needed motivation and encouragement. Shaun turned to a personal trainer, Branden.

When it came to the challenge of helping Shaun regain the strength and muscle he'd lost during his fight with cancer, Branden didn’t hesitate. He'd known Shaun before, and even though he almost didn't recognize post-cancer Shaun, what Branden did recognize was that Shaun really needed a boost of confidence. “I’m right there with you,” he told Shaun. “Your journey is going to be my journey, and we’re going to do this together.”

"It's been over a year now," Shaun reports, "and I'm happy to say I'm back where I was before." With Branden’s help, Shaun has regained his previous strength and is currently cancer free!

Branden is proud of the progress he's seen Shaun make.  "Over the past 18 months, we went from just lifting the bar on the bench press--which was initially heavy for him--and now he's lifting over 300 pounds! He's an inspiration to us all."  

Watch as Shaun and Branden share their story. Tip: have your tissues handy.