Success Story: Shaun Campbell

When member Shaun Campbell was diagnosed with Stage 4 neck and throat cancer, he was devastated. Left with many questions about his future, he wondered what would happen to his body. “Would I have the strength to overcome this?"

Weakened from his fight with cancer, Shaun says that his first trip back to the gym was discouraging. “I couldn’t lift weights. I felt like I didn’t belong.” He admits that while it wasn’t easy for him to ask for help, he desperately needed motivation and encouragement. Shaun turned to personal trainer Branden Buentipo.

Branden didn’t hesitate. “I’m right there with you,” he told Shaun. “Your journey is going to be my journey, and we’re going to do this together.”

With Branden’s help, Shaun has regained his previous strength and is currently cancer free!

Watch as Shaun and Branden share their story. Tip: have your tissues handy.