Switching it up with Swimming

I love running and doing traditional exercises for my workout.  However, sometimes I feel that I need to switch things up in my training plan to spice things up.  With the warmer temperatures and abundant sunshine, I have switched to swimming for my cross training.

At the Elk Grove Cal Fit facility, the lap pool is very rarely crowded.  If there are people in each lane, everyone has been super friendly in sharing their lane.  I have had no issue finding a lane to swim.

I am an endurance athlete.  A marathon runner.  I can swim and pride myself for my athletic ability.  Yet swimming is a whole different beast.  I will swim a few laps and be completely gassed and winded!  It works different muscles, different breathing techniques, and works your body so good!

I find that swimming gives me an amazing full body workout.  I work my shoulders, core, hip flexors and more!

Plus even when it is 100 degrees outside, which is normal in Sacramento, I can get a great workout in without overheating or feeling sweaty.  Winning!

If you want a specific swimming workout and don’t want to just swim laps as you go, there a plethora of swimming workouts you can find across the web and on pinterest.  

Sometimes I have found a swimming instructor (who teaches the morning swim class) leaves a board up with her workout to share the remainder of the day.  They are always intense and great workouts!  In fact, I am hoping to make it to one of her Tuesday/Thursday morning swim classes. I have heard amazing things!

This summer I have switched up my fitness routine with swimming.  I have really enjoyed it!

How do you switch up your fitness plan?  Do you swim for your cross training?

Rachel is married to her college sweetheart and is a never-at-home, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother to three boys. She is a mom who runs through life one day at a time. She is also a member of California Family Fitness. She runs for Faith, Family, Fitness, Healthy Food, and Always Fun! Read more about her running adventures at Running Rachel. You can also find her sharing fitness inspiration and humor on her facebook page.

You can follow Rachel on Twitter @RunningRachel

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