Thank You for Partying with Us!

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who sweat, danced, donated, or sported a t-shirt during our Party For a Purpose!18281_PartyForaPurpose_BLOG_Recap_GoalReached

Thanks to your generosity and enthusiasm for this cause, we were able to raise over $6000 to support cancer patients and survivors! The money raised will be donated to Triumph Cancer Foundation and UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center to help them continue their good work in the fight against cancer.

It has also been very special to see all of your cards posted around our clubs, telling us who you were honoring with your donations. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, and for being so motivated to honor those you've lost to cancer along with those battling or surviving cancer. Our incredible members truly are what makes Cal Fit a great place to be.

Due to your enthusiastic response to Party for a Purpose, we'll continue offering donation cards and t-shirts for sale in our clubs until the end of this week. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of our employees and members partying it up!  18281_PartyForaPurpose_BLOG_Recap_InBlogImg1-1