Benefits of Resistance Training


Guest Post by Dr. Hilary Taglio, D.C.

 Weight Training, Resistance Training, Weight Lifting? Yes!

 Building and maintaining muscle is critically important, not only in the fight against aging, but in fighting against chronic illness and infections as well. Weight training helps prevent muscle from wasting and combats the frailty that occurs with these conditions. Striving to develop denser muscle mass through resistance training will help build a reservoir of protein tissue in your body.

 Strength Training Helps Pain and Inflammation

 The more muscle you develop, the more anti-inflammatory chemicals are released from muscle cells, which help immensely in the battle against chronic pain. Another huge benefit to having more muscle cells, is that you will have more mitochondria, which translates into increased energy and less inflammation.

 Building muscle also builds a nice reserve for healthy hormone function. In addition, a strong, muscular system acts as an organ of elimination, aiding in the detoxification process. The positive stressor of resistance training will result in your body becoming stronger and more resilient over time, allowing you to adapt immunologically and hormonally.

 Weight Lifting Helps Balance Your Hormones

 Start slow and small, working your way up with the amount of weight you use. Honor your body, always, by listening to it. By simply moving joints slowly through their ranges of motion, this will help cleanse the joints, preventing weakening and stiffening. It is very important to hire a certified personal trainer to teach resistance training exercises correctly, to prevent injuries and help you reach your fitness goals.

 Building Your Body for a Healthy Future

 The last key component to fighting these disease processes, is nutrition. A high quality and nutrient-dense diet (with fiber and vitamins) is imperative. Also, sleep, sunlight and positive emotional relationships will also help strengthen and empower your body. Building strength and a resilient, functional body is empowering and will translate positively into every aspect of your life. 

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