Top 3 Benefits of Yoga for Kids

blog-post_300x250_family-yogaHealthy families are always trying to find ways to develop fit kids. One way to get the whole family moving and benefiting from a healthy lifestyle, is to introduce the benefits of yoga for kids.

Children tend to be natural yogis. They have all the tools, and are drawn to trying new things with the innocent curiosity of...well, children! We could go on and on, but we have narrowed down our favorite top 3 ways kids can benefit from practicing yoga.

1.  Yoga Helps Kids Maintain Flexibility

Kids are naturally flexible. If you’ve ever watched an average adult yoga class try to attempt a tree pose, you’ll probably see a lot of them have to grab for their foot with their hand in order to place it on their upper thigh. Most kids can simply lift it up and place it there without any help. They are still young and flexible, and practicing yoga can help keep them this way, decreasing their odds of injury later in life.

2.  Meditation Quiets the Mind

As adults, many of us are drawn to yoga as a quiet space to calm the mind. Some of us don’t even discover the energy centering benefits and healing advantages of meditation until well into adulthood. Imagine the advantages we could bestow upon our children if we could give them these gifts to use as they grow. Through elementary school and college, and later in their careers, our kids could use these tools to calm their minds, center their energy, and find peace in turbulent waters.

3.  Build Strength and Balance

Yoga poses challenge not only the strength of the muscles, but also core stability. As children, developing a strong core at a young age will help ward off injury as they grow, support good posture, and give the child an athletic advantage in most sports.

Yoga is a whole family practice for the entire person. It has the power to strengthen and soothe not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Starting young is not only a good idea, it’s a gift we can give our children that they will continue to reap the benefits of for years to come.

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