Types of Sacramento Yoga Classes to Fit Your Needs

15038_BLG_TMB_SacYogaFitYourNeedsYoga offers some of the best all around fitness training you can find in any type of exercise class. Challenging poses coupled with stretching and a meditative environment provide an experience that not only trains the body into tip top condition, but soothes the mind and calms the central nervous system.

Luckily, Sacramento yoga classes are some of the best around, and there are tons to choose from at California Family Fitness. You and your family can find the perfect match for each individual fitness level.

Gentle Yoga

If you are new to yoga, or have preexisting injuries to protect, gentle yoga is the class for you. Relax and recuperate from the stress of the world in a low impact, mentally rejuvenative environment that will slowly show you the strengthening benefits of yoga.

Gentle yoga classes are taught by experienced and attentive instructors who will help you learn the practice of yoga and get into every pose at your own fitness and flexibility level.

Mixed Levels Yoga

Every level of yogi is at home in a mixed levels yoga class. Compare this class to some of the other Sacramento yoga studio offerings, and you’ll find that the quality and atmosphere of the yoga community at Cal Fit is as warm and inviting a place as you’ll find.

Mixed level yoga classes are perfect for the new, intermediate, and the advanced yoga practitioner. Moving into a mixed level yoga class from a gentle yoga environment can offer just the right amount of challenge with a gentle transition that will keep you wanting more.  

Power Yoga

Who’s ready to sweat? It’s not just the Bikram yoga studios in Sacramento that can satisfy the hardcore yoga enthusiast. And while everyone is welcome in the power yoga classes, the advanced yogi will find that this class offers the most challenge and intensity when compared to other yoga classes.

Incredible strength, balance, and stamina are all benefits you will enjoy when you make power yoga part of your regular workout routine.

Family Yoga

There are so many benefits of yoga for kids! Now you can workout with your little ones in a safe and friendly environment that caters to the health of the whole family. Kids who do yoga experience better coordination, focus, and balance. And when you workout as a family, making fitness a priority, everyone wins.

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