The Ultimate Strength Training Workout | Sacramento, CA

KCRA_Vid.pngEditor's note: this post originally appeared in November 2012 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy.

Whether it’s a business trip or a busy day shuffling the kids around, there are dozens of everyday life events that interfere with sticking to a workout routine. However, staying fit or losing weight doesn’t necessarily require hours each day.

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Incorporating 15 minutes of resistance training, four to six times a week, will help you sculpt your body, build muscle, and increase calorie burn. The key is choosing the right exercises and using your time effectively. Resistance training not only challenges your body to work harder for a shorter period of time, it also incorporates more muscle integration. Performing multiple-joint movements in a circuit can get your heart pumping harder than it would during an hour-long workout!

Laguna Cal Fit’s Certified Personal Trainer, Mike Malicki introduced KCRA viewers to a high intensity circuit training workout that anyone can complete in just 15 minutes. These five exercises that will help build your strength, increase your endurance and give you a great workout in no time at all.

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