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blog-post_300x250_javimedinaFrom Arden Personal Trainer, Javi Medina

When it comes to exercise (or most things in life for that matter), a negative attitude usually results in a negative outcome. Our negative thoughts are our biggest obstacles when it comes to reaching our goals. We’re constantly thinking, “I’m too tired”, “I can’t do that exercise”, “I don’t have any energy”, or “I hate working out”. Those kinds of thoughts really affect how much effort we put into our workouts and make us dislike exercise. How do we change our attitude about fitness? Well the answer is simple; transform those negative thoughts into positive ones!

Cracking a smile can flip a negative attitude in just seconds. By simply smiling when you feel like quitting during a tough set or in the middle of your 2nd mile, you’re tricking your brain to enjoy the burn.

Thinking “I can’t do that pull up” or “I can’t run a mile” can really have an impact on your physical capabilities. Challenge yourself by making sure you include “YET” in those statements, or even better – remove “can’t“ from your vocabulary! By saying you can’t do something “YET”, it implies that you WILL down the road.

Next time a negative thought creeps into your mind, say the opposite out loud! Thinking: “ugh, I don’t want do lunges!” what you should say: “Yay, I GET to do lunges!” You don’t even need to sound all that convincing. Just being positive about doing the action will recondition your mind into making you enjoy the specific exercise. If you say it enough times (even to yourself in your head) you’ll quickly begin to believe it and enjoy exercising!

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